Announcement: How to Texture walls

Are you interested in having beautifully textured walls in your home or business? Do you think this might be to hard to do yourself?

If you want to discover how to texture walls easily and quickly then you have arrived at the right place. The information available here is all you will need to master the two most sought after textures in the housing industry today. They are the knockdown wall texture and the splatter wall texture, sometimes called orange peel.

Wall texture can add a beautiful new dimension to a home or business. It can make the ordinary wall extraordinary, and the best part is that you can do the job yourself and save a ton of money!  Its fun, easy and you will have an incredible sense of accomplishment when you see your finished product.  Yes, you can do this, hey, If this computer geek can do it, then I am pretty darn sure you can do it too.

Yes, I am a computer technician that got a little fed up with paying contractors for work that I ended up having to fix. So when it came time to have my walls textured I decided to tackle the job myself.  I did a lot of research and talked to a lot of people about how to texture before I tackled the job.  My research paid off because I learned a few cool tips that even many professionals don’t know that made the end result amazing.  It looked so good in fact that my friends and family began asking me to do their homes. Before long I had more work than I could take on so I began teaching others what I had learned.  To be quite honest with you it is surprisingly easy, but there are a few very important tricks and tips that you need to know. 

I discovered that with the right instruction just about anyone can do an excellent and professional looking job.  I also discovered that it makes people feel really good and they take a lot of pride in knowing they did the job themselves. Their friends, family and neighbors were amazed at the beautiful job they had done and the incredible improvement wall texture made in their homes.

On this site I want to offer you the same easy-to-follow techniques that so many have already successfully used to texture their own walls in their homes and business. Trust me, when people see the beautiful texture that you applied to your walls they will want you to texture their homes too!

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